Families Belong Together: Greeley Park Rally

On June 30th, hundreds of thousands of people across the country, in more than 700 cities and towns, gathered to protest President Trump’s decision to separate children from their parents being held in detention at the border. And although the Administration signed an order that ended family separations prior to the date of the rallies, there remained concerns about reuniting the more than 2,000 children that were already separated from their families, about the question of indefinite retention, and about the President’s call to ignore due process and send families back immediately without an appearance before a federal judge.

Nashua’s “Families Belong Together” rally was held at Greeley Park. Close to 300 people gathered in front of the bandshell for a program that included speakers, prayer, and songs. With the midday heat in the low 90s, those in attendance clustered in front of the stage or in the shade provided by trees along the edges of the bandshell’s lawn area.

Scheduled program participants included Reverend Hank Junkin, Reverend Allison Palm, Dan Weeks, Daniel Pontoh, Alderwoman Shoshanna Kelly, Alejandro Urrutia, Jenn Morton, Brenna Woods, and Mayor Jim Donchess. Several others in attendance, including Ward 8 State Rep. Latha Mangipudi, took to the podium to share their experiences as legal immigrants and to express the pain they would have felt had their children been taken away from them as they entered the United States.

The program was informative and passionate. It is unfortunate that our local newspaper, The Telegraph, did little (if anything) to announce the event, did not send a reporter or photographer over to cover the event, and did not publish an article about the rally in the days following the event. Fortunately, the Families Belong Together rallies were national news, and our residents surely heard about some of the programs that were held coast-to-coast…even if they did not receive any news about what happened at Greeley Park, in the City of Nashua, midday on Saturday, June 30th.