ON VOTING RIGHTS: Having served as Nashua's City Clerk for 16 years, I know first-hand the challenges that voters, especially new voters and elderly voters, and our election officials face on election day. Polls must be safe and accessible. No eligible voter should be denied access to the polls, and every vote should be counted. I support efforts to ensure that those who have the right to vote may do so and to broaden voter participation, not restrict it.

How to Check Your Voter Registration or Absentee Ballot Request Status

The NH Secretary of State provides an online tool that allows NH residents the opportunity to see if they are registered to vote, to determine what their political party affiliation is, and — if they applied for an absentee ballot – what the status of that process is. In addition, the site provides links to contact information for your city or town clerk and identifies the location for your polling place. If you want to verify your voter registration status, go to: https://app.sos.nh.gov/Public/PartyInfo.aspx

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