Heading into the NH State General Election on Tuesday, November 6th, I am pleased to acknowledge the following endorsements of my candidacy from these organizations:

  • The NH Sierra Club
  • Nashua Teachers Union – Committee of Political Education
  • National Education Association – New Hampshire
  • American Federation of Teachers – New Hampshire

During the course of this campaign, I received (at least) 27 requests to complete surveys from a variety of local, state and national organizations.  Some were quite brief and easy to respond to: the NH Motorcyclists’ Rights Organization (NHMRO), for example, provided a three-question survey with a postage pre-paid reply post card.  (I still have a valid motorcycle operator’s license, and this was an easy survey to respond to.)  The most lengthy survey was sent to me by the National Rifle Association – Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF).  It consisted of four pages, 27 questions, using 7 or 8 point font, and requesting a response in just 13 days.

Some questions in some of these surveys were obviously “loaded.”   (The NH Firearms Coalition survey, for example, led with the following: “Will you pledge that you will only endorse and support candidates who unconditionally support Second Amendment Civil Rights in general and primary elections?”  (Sorry, but the Legislature will consider hundreds of issues during the coming session.  I will never be a one-issue candidate nor would I ever support a one-issue candidate for public office.)  Others just weren’t well-thought out: the NRA-PVF survey, for example, asked: “Have you ever run for…an elected office?”  (That survey was addressed: “Dear New Hampshire Candidate.”)

Some results of the surveys were shared with members-only (such as the NHMRO survey).  Others were never intended to lead toward an endorsement and were simply shared with the general public (such as those conducted by The Telegraph and the League of Women Voters).

I very much appreciate that so many organizations reached out to me during my campaign for NH State Representative (Hills. 29, Nashua Ward 2).  I welcome the endorsements I did receive as these come from organizations whose values I support.

And I thank those organizations that collected information from candidates for this race and others and shared that information with the public, for as Thomas Jefferson said: “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty” (1829).