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Governor’s Budget Address and House Calendar: February 14

The House will meet in Joint Session on Thursday, February 14, 2019, at 10:00 am to hear Governor Sununu’s budget address.  Following the budget address, the House will meet in regular session. 77 proposed bills appear on the Consent Calendar; 36 proposed bills appear on the regular calendar.  Bills on the Consent Calendar generally have a unanimous recommendation as Ought to Pass or found to be Inexpedient to Legislate, though a small number of those bills may have one or two dissenters.  Any House member may request that a bill be pulled from the Consent Calendar and debated during the Session.  Committee recommendations for bills that are not pulled from the Calendar will be approved en masse with a single vote.

Bills that may be of particular interest to Nashua Ward 2 residents include the following:

HB176-FN-A, relative to grants for school building aid and making an appropriation therefor.  This bill amends the current maximum expenditures for school building aid grants from a maximum of $50 m  million per year to a minimum expenditure of no less than $50 million per year. Committee recommendation: Ought to Pass.

HB222, relative to criteria for teachers in charter schools.  Present law requires 50% of chartered public school teachers be certified or have at least three years teaching experience.  This bill increases this to 75%.  Committee recommendation: Inexpedient to Legislate.

HB 497-FN-A-LOCAL, relative to payment by the state of a portion of retirement system contributions of political subdivision employers.  This bill upholds the promise made by the state to pay a portion of the employer’s contribution to the NH Retirement System (NHRS).  The state’s payment to NHRS was reduced from 35% in 2008 to 0% as of 2012.  This bill would require the state to pay 15% of the cost to the NHRS, thus reducing the cost for local communities.  Committee recommendation: Ought to Pass.

HB 185-FN-A-LOCAL, relative to contingently reducing the rate of the interest and dividends tax and repealing the tax in 5 years.  The Committee report stated that it could not determine the total cost of the bill as applicability dates in the bill were not specified.  Committee recommendation: Inexpedient to Legislate.


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