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Here is What’s on the House Calendar for March 7th

Later this week, the House has scheduled for consideration, 30 bills on the Consent Calendar and another 58 bills on the Regular Calendar.  Bills that appear on the Consent Calendar generally have a unanimous or near-unanimous recommendation from the committee that heard the bill.  Any Representative may request that a bill be removed from Consent so that it may be debated before the full House.  Committee recommendations for bills that remain on the Consent Calendar are then acted upon, as a group, by a voice vote of the House membership.

Bills that appear on the Regular Calendar which are sure to generate considerable debate include: repeal of the death penalty (HB 455, recommended Ought to Pass); a proposed Constitutional Amendment that would allow any inhabitant who so desires to vote by absentee ballot (CACR 6, recommended Ought to Pass); two bills that seek to repeal amendments to election laws that were approved last session and that are currently being challenged in court, pertaining to definitions of domicile, resident, and inhabitant (HB 105 and HB 106, recommended Ought to Pass); a bill that would prohibit vaping by persons under 18 years old and on public school campuses (HB 511, recommended Ought to Pass as Amended); a proposal to prohibit collective bargaining agreements that require employees to join or contribute to a labor union (HB 622, recommended Inexpedient to Legislate); and a Resolution that would rescind all requests by the NH legislature for a federal constitutional convention (HCR 1, recommended Ought to Pass).

It is unlikely that the House will complete action on all of the 88 bills that appear in this week’s Calendar.  Legislation on which no action is taken will be carried forward to the next session of the House which is currently scheduled for Wednesday, March 20th.

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