House Press Releases

The following press releases were issued by the NH House Majority Office:

House-Passed Legislation Boosts Funding for Low-Income Energy Efficiency Programs (05-08-19)

House Votes to Reestablish Prevailing Wage Law in NH (05-08-19)

House Votes to Extend Anti-Discrimination Protections to Students in Public Schools (05-08-19)

House Votes to Eliminate Period Poverty in Schools (05-08-19)

House Supports Annual Observance of Juneteenth (05-08-19)

House Upholds Senate’s Strong Bipartisan Support of Bail Reform Legislation (05-08-19)

House Passes Measure to Reinforce ACA Protections in State Law (05-08-19)

House Passes Legislation to Establish Children’s System of Care (05-08-19)

House Passes Critical Job Training Legislation (05-08-19)

House Passes Bipartisan Measure to Protect Firefighters and Residents from Harmful Chemicals (05-08-19)

House Passes Bill to Bolster Medicaid Provider Rates (05-08-19)

House Passes Bill Aimed at Retaining Young College Graduates in NH (05-08-19)

House Allocates Funding for Child Protective Workers (05-02-19)

House Passes Legislation Expanding Medicaid Protections (05-02-19)

House Passes Legislation to Increase Funding for Mental Health Services (05-02-19)

House Passes Legislation to Support Preservation of Natural and Cultural Resources (05-02-19)

House Allocates Funding for Secure Psychiatric Unit Project Design and Engineering (04-11-19)

House Budget Adds Funding for Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (04-11-19)

House Passes Fiscally Responsible Budget that Increases State Aid to Local Communities (04-11-19)

House Budget Increases Education Funding and Local Aid for Property Tax Relief (04-10-19)

House Budget Proposal Boosts Aid to Local Communities Statewide (04-09-19)

House Passes Cost of Living Adjustment for Retired State Employees (04-04-19)

House Passes Legislation to Strengthen Public Safety in Schools (04-04-19)

House Finance Passes Budget Proposal (4-03-19)

House Votes to Expand Net Metering Limits (03-20-19)

House Votes to Invest RGGI Funds in Energy Efficiency (03-20-19)

House Votes to Pass Paid Family and Medical Leave Act, Advances Senate Bill (03-20-19)

House Votes to Add Teeth to Coakley Landfill Contaminant Removal (03-19-19)

House Votes to Reinforce ACA Protections in State Law (03-19-19)

House Votes to Close Background Check Loopholes (03-19-19)

Mandatory Waiting Period on Gun Sales Passes House (03-19-19)

House Votes to Maintain Funding for Energy Efficiency Programs (03-14-19)

House Votes to Again Support Biomass Industry by Defeating HB 157 (03-14-19)

House Passes Bill to Support Energy Efficiency Programs (03-14-19)

House Votes to Establish Goal of At Least 50 Percent Renewable Energy (03-14-19)

House Votes to Restore and Increase Minimum Wage in NH (03-14-19)

House Votes to Restore Common Sense Election Laws (03-07-19)

House-passed Bills Increase Education Funding and Provide Property Tax Relief (02-28-19)

House Votes to Back Independent Redistricting Commission (02-28-19)

House Votes to Fully Fund Full Day Kindergarten (02-27-19)

Bipartisan Votes Advance Trio of Critical Education Funding Bills Through House (02-27-19)

House Passes Cost of Living Adjustment for Retired State Employees (02-27-19)

House Passes Family and Medical Leave Insurance Legislation with Strong Vote (02-27-19)

House Supports Re-location of Secure Psychiatric Unit (02-27-19)

House-passed Legislation Would Codify Federal Gun Free Schools Act in NH Law (02-27-19)

Legislature Continues Work on Bipartisan paid Family and Medical Leave Legislation (02-26-19)

House Criminal Justice Committee Passes Bill to Close Background Check Loophole (02-21-19)

House Committee Votes to Support Education Funding and Property Tax Relief (02-12-19)

House Restores Gun Safety Policy in Representatives Hall (01-02-19)