COVID-19 Local Resources

The following COVID-19 information is publicly available but residents of Ward 2 — and Nashua — may find this compilation useful and convenient.  In addition to these state and regional links, the City of Nashua  maintains a page on its website that contains, additional guidance, information and resources relative to COVID-19.  The City’s web pages on this subject are an excellent source of information.  If you click on any of the links below, a page will open as a new window on your screen.


NH COVID-19 Hotline and Reports:

#211: Coronavirus hotline

Granite United Way, supports 2-1-1 and many other non-profit organizations working around the state during COVID-19:  ​Welcome: Granite United Way

STAY AT HOME 2.0 Information:

Stay At Home 2.0 Orders

Testing for COVID-19:
● Convenient MD has a state contract to offer the COVID-19 test, a test for presence of live virus in the body.  A Convenient MD is located in Ward 2 at 565 Amherst Street.  Clinics are open 8 am – 8 pm, seven days a week.

Who can currently seek a test?

  • Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms per healthcare provider
  • Any healthcare worker
  • Anyone 60 years of age or older
  • Anyone diagnosed with chronic lung disease or moderate to severe asthma
  • Anyone diagnosed with serious heart conditions
  • Anyone diagnosed as immunocompromised
  • Anyone diagnosed with obesity
  • Anyone diagnosed with diabetes
  • Anyone diagnosed with chronic kidney disease
  • Anyone diagnosed with liver disease
  • To seek a COVID-19 test, call your healthcare provider or fill out the below testing form

Rent/Mortgage/Utilities Assistance

● Executive Order #4 signed by Governor Sununu makes clear that if tenants and property owners can’t pay rent or mortgage now, they will still have to pay in full when the state emergency is lifted. All tenants who have difficulty paying rent are encouraged to talk to their landlord to develop a payment plan during this time. If you are struggling with paying utility bills, talk with your utility company to make a payment plan.

American Sign Language Resources on COVID-19

Mask Request Form for NH Businesses Re-openingHomeland Security Emergency Management

For Unsheltered Community:

Substance Use Disorder Services:

Family Services:
NH Easy Gateway to Services (includes SNAP, Medicaid and Medicare programs, child care assistance, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), disability aid).

Assistance for New Americans:
● Assisting refugees with community integration and services: ​Ascentria Care Alliance

Unemployment Services:

  • Eligibility for unemployment:
    • The usual requirement to search for work has been waived during the pandemic.
    • The waiting week requirement has also been waived.
    • If you are unable to work due to Stay at Home order or another travel restriction, you ARE eligible for unemployment benefits.

The federal CARES act allows for you to refuse to return to work due to COVID-19 related reasons below:

■ If you experienced COVID-19 related symptoms and sought a medical diagnosis.
■ If a member of your household has experienced COVID-19 diagnoses.
■ If you are caring for a child or another person for whom childcare, schooling, or care facility is closed.
■ If you are self-quarantined at the advice of a healthcare provider.
■ If you are self-quarantined at the direction of your employer.
■ If you were anticipating starting a job for which starting is unavailable due to COVID-19.

■ If your employer is closed, mandatorily or voluntarily, due to COVID-19.

■ If you are temporarily laid off due to COVID-19.
■ If you are self-employed but unable to conduct business due to COVID-19.

■ If you have other health complications and quit your job due to COVID-19.

The State of New Hampshire processes unemployment claims for free, so customers should be extremely wary of any site that charges a fee for this service or asks for credit card information.

  • NH Unemployment Assistance Hotline: 603-271-7700
  • Apply here: ​NH Unemployment Benefits: Welcome
  • Workshare Unemployment Program: ​Program Details
    • A workshare plan can be submitted by an employer whose taxes are in good standing with the NH Dept. of Labor.
    • Workshare plans are eligible for employers who are reducing hours from 10-50% when businesses are reopening and the reductions are spread evenly among all employees and the employer continues to offer healthcare benefits.

Workshare plans allow businesses to keep employees on the payroll and incentivizes employees to return to work at a reduced rate while still receiving the additional $600/week provided by CARES act currently in place.

FAQ for self-employment:
○ Self-employed people are currently eligible for Unemployment Benefits. You will need either your 2019 federal tax return or 1099s. Don’t worry, if you don’t have either or have not yet filed your 2019 return. You can still submit your claim. If eligible you will receive the federal minimum benefit currently set at $167. This will also make you eligible for the Federal $600 payment. You can submit your tax return later when you file. Don’t worry, if you don’t have either or have not yet filed your 2019 return you can still submit your claim. If eligible, you will receive the federal minimum benefit amount currently set at $167. This will also make you eligible for the Federal CARES Act $600 payment.

Statewide Domestic Abuse Services:

Women’s Health Centers:

Planned Parenthood Locations

NH Suicide Hotline:
● #1-800-273-8255
● Link to NAMI NH Supports: ​Suicide Prevention

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