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Governor Calls Election Law Omnibus Bill “Unreasonable” and Vetoes HB1672

Claiming that the provisions of HB1672 were “unreasonable and unnecessary,” Governor Sununu has vetoed the Election Law Omnibus recently passed by the NH House and Senate.
On Sunday, The Telegraph published an opinion piece written by Senator Melanie Levesque relative to the provisions of the bill. It summarized the bill clearly and will give voters a very good idea of what the bill sought to achieve and what the Governor has declared is “unreasonable.” Those provisions included joining 30 other states in an electronic voter registration system that seeks to identify voters who appear on more than one checklist; it included provisions to expand voter access to absentee voting; and it included provisions to establish an online voter registration system similar to what is currently offered by 39 other states and the District of Columbia. Senator Levesque’s article is worth reading:

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