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Endorsements & Recommendations

A number of organizations review incumbent voting records and/or request that candidates complete surveys and questionnaires on subject matter of interest to their members. These organizations may be local, regional, statewide, or national. Some organizations will “endorse” or “recommend” candidates to their membership. Some will announce these recommendations publicly. Some don’t. The NH Motorcyclists’ Rights Organization, for example, sends out a short questionnaire. Candidate responses are shared with its membership, but the organization does not publicly announce endorsements. And that’s perfectly alright. (I still have a motorcycle driver’s endorsement on my driver’s license, by the way, though I no longer ride.)

Here is a list of the endorsements and recommendations that I have received as of this date. I want to thank these organizations and their members for their notice of support:

NH Sierra Club (endorsement)

Fight for Reform, the non-federal arm of End Citizens United and Let America Vote (endorsement)

Moms Demand Action Gun Sense (candidate distinction)

NH Stonewall Democrats (endorsement)

Nashua Teachers’ Union Committee of Political Education (recommendation)

American Federation of Teachers – NH (endorsement)

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