Registration for COVID Vaccines, Phase 1B, Opens Jan. 22

COVID-19 Vaccine Up-date From Sen. Cindy Rosenwald
Yesterday afternoon, along with several of my Senate colleagues, I met with Perry Plummer, who is overseeing our state’s vaccine distribution efforts. He briefed us on the current state of vaccine distribution in NH, and I write to share with you what we discussed.So far, the state has administered 61,000 doses, 56,000 of which are first doses and 5,000 second doses. All phase 1A doses have been allocated.

The state will be moving to Phase 1B on January 26th, which includes those who are over 65, medically vulnerable, family caregivers, staff and residents of facilities for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities, and corrections officers and staff. 

The registration process will open at 8:00 am on January 22nd.  People can register online at http://www.vaccines.nh.gov, where you can also find the Vaccine Phase Check to verify what phase you fall into, or by calling 211. Our state will ensure that everyone allocated a first dose will receive a second dose, a strategy which not all states are pursuing.Mr. Plummer is confident there will be enough capacity to administer all vaccines New Hampshire receives, with 13 fixed sites up and running and the ability to add more hours if needed. The limiting factor we are facing right now is vaccine supply, as we are only receiving 17,500 doses per week.  Additionally, the state is training another 50 National Guard folks to help run the call centers more efficiently. The 211 hotline is available to anyone that has questions regarding COVID-19.

Mr. Plummer informed us that the vaccine distribution strategy is first and foremost to keep the number of people dying and getting hospitalized as low as possible. That’s why nursing homes and other older Granite Staters have been prioritized for vaccination; these groups have suffered the largest percentage of deaths. Teachers remain in Phase 2A, which is slated to begin in early March. Since the data has not yet shown schools as one of the major places of outbreaks and fatalities, Governor Sununu made the decision not not to include teachers in phase 1.I want to thank Perry Plummer for meeting with us. These next few months will be crucial to protecting our communities, and I promise to work tirelessly to get you and your families the information you need to stay healthy.

Stay safe and best wishes,

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