House Speaker Appoints Redistricting Committee

House Speaker Sherman Packard (R – Londonderry) has made the following appointments to the House Redistricting Committee: Barbara Griffin, Chair (R – Goffstown), Steve Smith, Vice-Chair (R- Charlestown), Paul R. Bergeron (D – Nashua), Ross Berry (R – Manchester), David Cote (D – Nashua), Connie Lane (D – Concord), Bob Lynn (R – Windham), Wayne MacDonald (R – Derry), Carol McGuire (R – Epsom), Travis O’Hara (R – Belmont), Iz Piedra (D – Manchester), Marjorie Smith (D – Durham), Len Turcotte (R – Barrington), Lucy Weber (D – Walpole), and Matt Wilhelm (D – Manchester).

Eight Republicans and seven Democrats have been appointed to the committee. Of the 15 appointees, six are current members of the House Election Law Committee: Representatives Griffin, MacDonald, Berry, Cote, Bergeron, and Lane. Representative Griffin is Chair of the Election Law Committee, Representative MacDonald Is Vice Chair, and Representative Cote is a former Chair of the House Election Law Committee.

During my tenure as Nashua City Clerk (1999 – 2015), I oversaw the re-drawing of Ward lines in 2001 and 2011, following the decennial US Census. The task that has been assigned to us in 2021 by the Speaker of the House will be challenging, but I look forward to working with other members of the committee whose experience and expertise will be most valuable.

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