Republicans Set to Vote on Worst Budget in NH History

When the NH House and Senate meet tomorrow (June 24, 2021), both chambers will be taking up Committee of Conference reports on HB 1, the State Budget, and HB 2, the “trailer” bill which implements the dollars-and-cents contained in the State Budget and incorporates a number of policies that are totally unrelated to the budget process.

Here are just some of our concerns:

-1 out of every 4 municipalities in the state will see a decrease in state education aid as a result of this budget. Nashua anticipates a reduction of $7.4 million.

-$10 million has been budgeted to bailout people who lost money in the Financial Resources Mortgage Ponzi scheme.

-Medicaid Dental program not funded.

-$15 million in water grant to local communities cut. 132 projects remain unfunded in the budget. These are grants that have already been promised to communities through the state for water and sewer projects. This will downshift the costs of the projects directly to property tax payers.

-Last budget, the Democratic majority funded revenue sharing at $20 million per year in direct payments to cities and towns. The Republican budget ends this revenue sharing, which is a direct down shift to local communities and will result in higher property taxes.

-Includes funds to repay businesses who violated the COVID-19 executive orders.

-Uses taxpayer money to fund voucher programs for private religious education while not supporting the needs of school districts throughout the state for providing equal access to an adequate education.

-Significant policy changes: a ban on schools and business that contract with the state from speaking on certain “divisive concepts” like race and sex; elimination of loan repayment programs to incentivize medical professionals to work and stay in NH; mandatory ultrasounds for first-trimester abortion; abortion ban at 24 weeks gestational annual financial audits of all NH Family Planning Program participants.

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