Last Day to Change Party Affiliation Prior to September Primary is June 2

The filing period for all offices for the September State Primary Election opens on Wednesday, June 3rd. Under state law, the last day for voters who are already registered to declare or change party affiliation before the primary is on Tuesday, June 2nd. RSA 654:34 states that in order to declare or change a party […]

Sununu’s Veto of HB 315 Rejects Requirement for Security When Sharing Voter Information

Earlier this month, the House took up the Governor’s veto of HB315, which would have ended NH’s involvement with the Kansas-based Interstate Voter Registration Program and authorize the Secretary of State to join another program to compare NH”s voter registration information with that of other states to search for duplicate registrations or voting activity. In […]

2020 Legislative Session Underway

The NH House opened the 2020 Legislative year with sessions held on Wednesday and Thursday, January 8th and 9th to consider two vetoes by the Governor on bills pertaining to teacher tenure (HB226) and the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck program (HB315), and to take action on 156 bills that had been retained by the House […]

Schools Get Funding Increase With NH Budget

The two-year state compromise budget signed by the Governor in September increased school funding by $138 million over two years – close to the $140 million boost that Democrats proposed in 2019. The budget restored stabilization aid to original levels, which the state had been cutting annually, and it provided funding for full-day kindergarten and […]

Advice to Gov. Sununu: An Independent Redistricting Commission Would Be Good for NH

HB 706 would establish an independent redistricting commission and is intended to reduce or eliminate the contentious and partisan atmosphere that has surrounded previous, post-census redistricting efforts. The bill is now before the Governor for his approval or veto. I served on the Election Law Subcommittee that worked on HB 706 and was pleased that […]

Seacoastonline Editorial: Governor’s Budget Veto Will Prove a Mistake Editorial (June 29, 2019) “In 2011, the Republican House and Senate presented Democratic Gov. John Lynch with a budget he strongly opposed, but he allowed it to become law without his signature. ‘In considering whether to veto the budget bills or allow them to become law, I have two major considerations: Could a veto […]


From June 2 through June 8, the NH Legislature celebrated the 200th anniversary of the construction of the NH State House, which began in 1816 and was completed in 1819. The first session of the General Court in this building also occurred in 1819. The NH State House Bicentennial Commission held a series of events […]