House to Vote on Redistricting bills January 5, 6 or 7

The NH house will convene on Wednesday, January 5, 2022 to act on the Governor’s vetoes and retained bills from the 2021 session Among the retained bills that will be voted on are HB 50 (apportioning state representative districts), HB 52 (apportioning congressional districts), and HB 54 (apportioning county commissioner districts). The Republican majority on […]

Republicans Set to Vote on Worst Budget in NH History

When the NH House and Senate meet tomorrow (June 24, 2021), both chambers will be taking up Committee of Conference reports on HB 1, the State Budget, and HB 2, the “trailer” bill which implements the dollars-and-cents contained in the State Budget and incorporates a number of policies that are totally unrelated to the budget […]

On the Passing of the Honorable Representative Douglas Ley

On June 11th, New Hampshire learned of the passing of the Honorable, Rep. Douglas Ley (D-Jaffrey), former House Majority Leader and five-term Representative. House Democratic Leader Renny Cushing (D-Hampton) released the following statement:  “I am deeply saddened to hear of Representative Ley’s passing. Doug valiantly led our Democratic Caucus for 2 years with humility and […]

House Democratic Leader Reacts to Bullying by the Republican Majority During Session

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Today, at the end of a contentious two days of session, House Democratic Leader Renny Cushing (D-Hampton) released the following statement:  “What we expect when we go to session is for spirited, sometimes heated debate on policies that we all care deeply about. What we do not expect, and will not tolerate, […]