The following press releases were issued by the NH House Majority Office:

Sununu Caps off Most Partisan Term of Any Governor in NH History (08-07-2020)

Governor Abandons Health of Granite Staters for Polluters (08-07-2020)

Sununu Vetoes Worker Protection Legislation (08-07-2020)

Governor Blocks Legislation Critical to Reducing Gun Deaths and Suicide (08-07-2020)

Governor Rejects Bill Establishing Automatic Voter Registration (07-31-2020)

Sununu’s Veto Keeps Gerrymandering Alive in NH (07-31-2020)

Governor Rejects His Own Process Concerns By Signing Administration Bill (07-29-2020)

Governor Rejects Financial Fairness in Annulment Process (07-29-2020)

Omnibus Health Care Bill Signed Into Law (07-29-2020)

Governor Blocks Bipartisan Government Administration Bill (07-28-2020)

Sununu Vetoes Legislation Protecting Vulnerable Adults (07-28-2020)

Veterans Omnibus Legislation Signed Into Law (07-28-2020)

Governor Vetoes Dental Coverage for NH Residents on Medicaid (07-28-2020)

Sununu Continues Assault on Clean Energy (07-24-2020)

Positive Step Taken With Passage of Ban-the-Box Legislation (07-24-2020)

Sununu Vetoes Minimum Wage Increase (07-24-2020)

Legislation to Identify Safety and PPE Needs for NH Longterm Care Signed Into Law (07-24-2020)

Governor Blocks Legislation to Expand Extended Learning for NH Students (07-24-2020)

Transportation Plan Signed Into Law Despite Attempted House Republican Obstruction (07-24-2020)

Democratic Legislation to Remediate PFAs Contamination Signed Into Law (07-23-2020)

Legislative Committee Adopts State House Mask Requirement for Legislative Members and Staff (07-21-2020)

Protections for At Risk Children and Provision Allowing Unmarried Couples to Adopt Becomes Law (07-20-2020)

Democratic-Sponsored Legislation to Support Victims of Sexual Assault Signed Into Law (07-20-2020)

Governor Blocks COVID-19 Funding to Nursing Homes (07-17-2020)

Sununu Vetoes COVID-19 Relief and Worker Safety Legislation (07-17-2020)

New Law Temporarily Permits Expanded Absentee Voting (07-17-2020)

Comprehensive Legislation Addressing Bail and Police Reform Signed Into Law (07-16-2020)

Comprehensive Prescription Drug Affordability and Health Care Access Package Signed Into Law (07-16-2020)

School Opening Plan Fails Students and Teachers (07-14-2020)

Sununu Vetoes Paid Leave Again (07-10-2020)

Sununu Rejects Expansion of Absentee Voting (07-10-2020)

Sununu Blocks Assistance for Renters Affected by COVID-19 Pandemic (07-10-2020)

Republicans Use Pandemic to Score Political Points (07-07-2020)

House Finishes Session by Adopting COVID Protections to Keep NH Moving Forward (06-30-2020)

House Passes Numerous Bills Addressing COVID-19 Care (06-30-2020)

House Passes Democratic Legislation Critical to Remediating PFAs Water Contamination (06-30-2020)

House Democrats Send Election Accessibility Election Accessibility Legislation to Governor’s Desk (06-30-2020)

House Passes Massive Protections for Granite State Families (06-30-2020)

House Sends Comprehensive Prescription Affordability and Health Care Access Package to Governor (06-30-2020)

House Passes Expanded Rights and Protections for Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Survivors (06-30-2020)

Comprehensive Criminal Justice and Police Reform Passes House (06-30-2020)

House-Passed Legislation Will Improve Education and Protect Students (06-30-2020)

Legislation Critical to State Agency Operation Clears House (06-30-2020)

House Democrats Continue to Pass Legislation for Working Granite Staters (06-30-2020)

House Passes Independent Factfinder Report for State Employee Contract (06-30-2020)

Independent Redistricting Reform Passes Senate (06-29-2020)

Crucial House Gun Violence Prevention Measure Passes Senate (06-29-2020)

House Democrats Ready to Work – Hope to See End of Republican Obstruction (06-26-2020)

Remarks About George Floyd Delivered on Floor of NH House (06-12-2020)

House Republicans Undercut Process in Partisan Vote to Block Legislative Progress (06-11-2020)

House Republicans Block Consideration of All Issues – Except Beer Growlers (06-11-2020)

House Republicans Block BiPartisan 10-Year Highway Plan (06-11-2020)

House Republicans Block Expansion of Child Services (06-11-2020)

House Republicans Block Legislation Addressing Racial Profiling and Unconscious Bias (06-11-2020)

House Republicans Block Discussion on BiPartisan Net Metering Legislation (06-11-2020)

House Republicans Threaten Safety of Attendees in Get-Attention Stunt (06-11-2020)

NH House Welcomes Hooksett Special Election Winner Kathleen Martins (06-11-2020)

House Republicans Commit to Obstruction (06-03-2020)

NH House Democrats Exclaim That Black Lives Matter (06-02-2020)

Statement From House Majority Leader on Remote House Sessions (05-15-2020)

Voter Suppression Bill SB3 Ruled Unconstitutional (04-09-2020)

House Democrats Complete People’s Work (03-13-2020)

House Passes Bill to Invest in Energy Efficiency (03-13-2020)

House Passes Bill to Provide Relief to Victims of Gun Violence (03-12-2020)

House Passes Pivotal Legislation for Transgender and Gender Variant Community (03-12-2020)

House Passes Bills to Address Gun Violence Among Granite State Students and Children (03-12-2020)

House Passes Effort to Remove Barriers to Participation in Elections (03-12-2020)

House Passes Legislation to Help Address Student Loan Debt (03-11-2020)

House Passes Bills to Curb Gun Violence (03-11-2020)

Independent Redistricting Proposal Passes House (03-11-2020)

House Passes Bill to Stem Big Money in Politics (03-11-2020)

House Passes Bill to Create a Price Cap for Insulin (03-11-2020)

House Votes to End Child Marriage in NH (03-11-2020)

House Acts To Secure Children and Their Access to Legal Parentage (03-11-2020)

House Legislation Addresses Affordable Housing Crisis (03-05-2020)

House Supports Bill Requiring Background Checks on Commercial Firearms Sales (02-20-2020)

House Approves Medicaid to Schools Legislation (02-20-2020)

House Passes Modern Voter Registration Technology Act (02-20-2020)

House Passes Comprehensive Net Metering Legislation (02-19-2020)

House Passes Legislation Guaranteeing Coverage for Epipens (02-19-2020)

House Backs Suicide Prevention Mandatory Waiting Period (02-19-2020)

House Committee Backs Affordable Housing Legislation (02-12-2020)

House Committee Responds to Governor’s Veto by Passing Compromise Renewable Energy Bill (02-12-2020)

Governor Again Vetoes Net Metering Legislation (02-10-2020)

House Committee Rejects Proposal to Cap Federal Medicaid Funding to State (02-04-2020)

Democrats Pass Legislation Addressing the Climate Crisis (01-09-2020)

House Passes Legislation to Increase Minimum Wage (-01-09-2020)

Sununu Veto Keeps NH in Suspended Voter Cross Check Program with High Security Risks (01-08-2020)

NH House Joins 17 States in Passing Extreme Risk Protection Legislation (01-08-2020)

Independent Redistricting Proposal Passes House (01-08-2020)

House Votes to Repeal Medicaid Work Requirement (01-08-2020)

House Passes Legislation to Expand the Rights of Crime Victims (01-08-2020)

House Passes Family and Medical Leave Insurance Legislation (01-08-2020)

Compromise Budget Passes House ((09-19-2019)

Legislation to Expand Protections Against Discrimination (08-16-2019)

Governor Continues Crusade Against Renewable Energy (08-16-2019)

Governor Rejects Effort to Restore Voting Rights (08-16-2019)

Legislation Enforcing Removal of PFAS Contaminants (08-16-2019)

Sununu Veto Keeps Federal Government In Control Of NH Minimum Wage (08-09-2019)

Governor Blocks Critical Job Training Legislation (08-09-2019)

Governor Vetoes Legislation to Keep Guns Out of Schools (08-09-2019)

Governor Vetoes Key Waiting Period Legislation to Combat Suicide in NH (08-09-2019)

Governor Blocks Legislation to Close Background Check Loopholes on Gun Sales (08-09-2019)

Governor Vetoes Groundbreaking Independent Redistricting Commission (08-09-2019)

Bill Authorizing HR Professional to Handle Workplace Harassment Complaints in General Court Signed into Law (08-02-2019)

Legislation Requiring Coverage for Fertility Care Signed Into Law (08-01-2019)

Bill To Expand Protections for Animals and Allow NH Farmers to Grow Hemp Signed Into Law (07-30-2019)

Governor Vetos Bill Expanding Protections for NH Wetlands (07-30-2019)

Legislation Protecting Animals From Abuse Becomes Law (07-29-2019)

New Law Assures Student Access to Healthy Breakfast (07-29-2019)

Governor’s Veto Allows Poll Taxes to Continue (07-29-2019)

Judge Blocks Unreasonable Work Requirement for Granite Staters (07-29-2019)

Veto Allows Unreasonable and Discriminatory Voter Registration Law To Remain in Place (07-29-2019)

Legislation Extending Dental Benefit to Adult Medicaid Recipients Signed by Governor (07-22-2019

Governor Vetoes Protections for Vulnerable Adults (07-22-2019)

Bill to Expand Community Solar Participation by Low to Moderate Income Residents Signed Into Law (07-19-2019)

Governor Vetoes Pivotal Legislation for Transgender and Gender Variant Community (07-19-2019)

Governor’s Veto Hinders Ability for NH Workers to Earn a Fair Wage (07-19-2019)

Veto of Ban the Box Legislation Harms Job Applicants (07-19-2019)

Pro-Business Commuter Rail Development Proposal Becomes Law (07-19-2019)

House Majority Leader Condemns Racist Remarks from Republican Representative (07-18-2019)

Legislation Requiring Menstrual Care Products be Available in Public School Restrooms Becomes Law (07-17-2019)

Bill to Add Warning Label to Prescription Drugs Containing Opioids Signed by Governor (07-16-2019)

Legislative Measure to Protect Benefits Under Affordable Care Act Signed Into Law (07-12-2019)

Governor Sununu Vetoes Bills That Would Help Hard Working Granite Staters (07-10-2019)

Legislature Helps Thousands of Granite Staters Keep Their Health Insurance (07-08-2019)

House Votes to Send Minimum Wage to Governors Desk (06-27-19)

House Passes Balanced and Compassionate Budget (06-27-19)

House Passes Legislation to Protect Safety on School Grounds (06-27-19)

Legislation Assuring Student Access to Healthy Breakfast Passes House Unanimously (06-27-19)

Bipartisan Granite Advantage Protection Legislation Clears House (06-27-19)

House Votes to Pass Coakley Landfill Cleanup Legisislation (06-27-19)

House Gives Final Approval to Energy Efficiency Bill (06-27-19)

Fertility Coverage Legislation Passes House (06-27-19)

Veto of Clean Emissions Legislation Stifles Effort to Combat Climate Change (06-25-19)

Statement on Senate Passage of State Budget Bills (06-07-19)

House Majority Leader Statement on Conval Ruling (06-06-19)

Senate Passes Legislation to Restore Voting Rights (06-06-19)

Passed Legislation Protects NH Businesses Affected by Wayfair Decision (06-06-19)

House Votes to Restore and Increase Minimum Wage in NH (06-06-19)

House Approves Bill to Move Forward with Project Development Phase on Rail (06-06-19)

House-Passed Legislation Strengthens NH Granite Advantage Health Care Program (06-05-19)

House-Passed Legislation Assures All Students Have Access to Healthy Breakfast (06-05-19)

House Votes to Protect Students from Discrimination in School (06-05-19)

House Votes to Codify General Court Sexual Harassment Policy in Statutes (06-05-19)

House Passes Critical Job Training Legislation (06-05-19)

Statement on Governor Veto of HB 365 (06-03-19)

Senate Vote to Override Sununu Veto Abolishes Death Penalty in NH (5-30-19)

House Legislation Allowing Absentee Ballot Voting Passes Senate (5-30-19)

House Legislation Addressing Animal Fighting Clears Senate (5-30-19)

Senate Passes House Bill Removing Barriers for Working Parents to Run for Public Office (5-30-19)

Senate Passes House Legislation to Restore Voting Rights (5-30-19)

House-Passed Independent Redistricting Legislation Clears Senate (05-34-19)

House Supports Bill to Expand Community Solar Participation by Low to Moderate Income Residents (05-23-19)

House Passes Ban-the-Box Legislation (05-23-19)

House Votes to Eliminate Poll Taxes (05-23-19)

Senate Passes House Bill to Provide Cost of Living Adjustment to State Retirees (05-23-19)

Senate Passes House Bill to Establish Mandatory Waiting Period on Gun Sales (05-23-19)

Senate Votes to Pass Background Check Legislation (05-23-19)

In Monumental Bipartisan Vote House Overrides Governor Veto of HB455 (05-23-19)

Senate Adopts Red Tailed Hawk Legislation (05-15-19)

Senate Votes to Invest RGGI Funds in Energy Efficiency (05-15-19)

Senate Supports House Legislation to Advance Equality of Transgender and Gender Non-binary People (05-15-19)

House-Passed Legislation Boosts Funding for Low-Income Energy Efficiency Programs (05-08-19)

House Votes to Reestablish Prevailing Wage Law in NH (05-08-19)

House Votes to Extend Anti-Discrimination Protections to Students in Public Schools (05-08-19)

House Votes to Eliminate Period Poverty in Schools (05-08-19)

House Supports Annual Observance of Juneteenth (05-08-19)

House Upholds Senate’s Strong Bipartisan Support of Bail Reform Legislation (05-08-19)

House Passes Measure to Reinforce ACA Protections in State Law (05-08-19)

House Passes Legislation to Establish Children’s System of Care (05-08-19)

House Passes Critical Job Training Legislation (05-08-19)

House Passes Bipartisan Measure to Protect Firefighters and Residents from Harmful Chemicals (05-08-19)

House Passes Bill to Bolster Medicaid Provider Rates (05-08-19)

House Passes Bill Aimed at Retaining Young College Graduates in NH (05-08-19)

House Allocates Funding for Child Protective Workers (05-02-19)

House Passes Legislation Expanding Medicaid Protections (05-02-19)

House Passes Legislation to Increase Funding for Mental Health Services (05-02-19)

House Passes Legislation to Support Preservation of Natural and Cultural Resources (05-02-19)

House Allocates Funding for Secure Psychiatric Unit Project Design and Engineering (04-11-19)

House Budget Adds Funding for Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (04-11-19)

House Passes Fiscally Responsible Budget that Increases State Aid to Local Communities (04-11-19)

House Budget Increases Education Funding and Local Aid for Property Tax Relief (04-10-19)

House Budget Proposal Boosts Aid to Local Communities Statewide (04-09-19)

House Passes Cost of Living Adjustment for Retired State Employees (04-04-19)

House Passes Legislation to Strengthen Public Safety in Schools (04-04-19)

House Finance Passes Budget Proposal (4-03-19)

House Votes to Expand Net Metering Limits (03-20-19)

House Votes to Invest RGGI Funds in Energy Efficiency (03-20-19)

House Votes to Pass Paid Family and Medical Leave Act, Advances Senate Bill (03-20-19)

House Votes to Add Teeth to Coakley Landfill Contaminant Removal (03-19-19)

House Votes to Reinforce ACA Protections in State Law (03-19-19)

House Votes to Close Background Check Loopholes (03-19-19)

Mandatory Waiting Period on Gun Sales Passes House (03-19-19)

House Votes to Maintain Funding for Energy Efficiency Programs (03-14-19)

House Votes to Again Support Biomass Industry by Defeating HB 157 (03-14-19)

House Passes Bill to Support Energy Efficiency Programs (03-14-19)

House Votes to Establish Goal of At Least 50 Percent Renewable Energy (03-14-19)

House Votes to Restore and Increase Minimum Wage in NH (03-14-19)

House Votes to Restore Common Sense Election Laws (03-07-19)

House-passed Bills Increase Education Funding and Provide Property Tax Relief (02-28-19)

House Votes to Back Independent Redistricting Commission (02-28-19)

House Votes to Fully Fund Full Day Kindergarten (02-27-19)

Bipartisan Votes Advance Trio of Critical Education Funding Bills Through House (02-27-19)

House Passes Cost of Living Adjustment for Retired State Employees (02-27-19)

House Passes Family and Medical Leave Insurance Legislation with Strong Vote (02-27-19)

House Supports Re-location of Secure Psychiatric Unit (02-27-19)

House-passed Legislation Would Codify Federal Gun Free Schools Act in NH Law (02-27-19)

Legislature Continues Work on Bipartisan paid Family and Medical Leave Legislation (02-26-19)

House Criminal Justice Committee Passes Bill to Close Background Check Loophole (02-21-19)

House Committee Votes to Support Education Funding and Property Tax Relief (02-12-19)

House Restores Gun Safety Policy in Representatives Hall (01-02-19)