The following press releases were issued by the NH House Minority Office:

Democratic Leader Welcomes Rep Muriel Hall to Legislature (06-16-21)

House Republicans Pass Bill to Decriminalize Threats with a Firearm (06-10-21)

Statement on the Passing of the Honorable Rep Douglas Ley (06-11-21)

House Again Passes Language to Protect State Parks From Landfills (06-04-21)

House GOP Passes Bill Freezing MinimumWage for Tipped Employees (06-04-21)

House Republicans Support Bill Undermining Local Control (06-04-21)

House Passes Property Tax Relief Legislation (06-04-21)

Democrats Support Legislation Providing Tax Forgiveness to Small Businesses (06-04-21)

Democratic Legislation Relieving Tax Burden on Small Businesses Passes House (06-04-21)

House Blocks Right-to-Work Bill In Strong Bipartisan Rebuke (06-03-21)

House Republicans Pass Dangerous Gun Bill (06-03-21)

House GOP Embraces Far Right Attempts to Block Local Law Enforcement From Cooperating with Federal Agents (06-03-21)

Republican Legislation Creates Expensive Confusing Two-Tiered System for State and Federal Elections (06-03-21)

Jewish Members of NH House Endorse Young Democrats Statement Against White Supremacist Threats (05-27-21)

Senate Republicans Force Gag Rule on Divisive Concepts (05-27-21)

House Republicans Continue to Legislate Dangerous Misinformation About Covid-19 Vaccine (05-26-2021)

Governor Inexplicably Vetoes Unanimously Supported Bipartisan Environmental Baill (05-26-21)

House and Senate Democrats Again Call Attention to Racist and Dangerous HB 544 Language Inserted in the State Budget (05-25-21)

House Democratic Leader Responds to Racist Threat Against Nashua Member (05-21-21)

Letter to AG Requesting Investigation of Racist Threat

House Republicans Kill Bill to Address School Funding Shortfalls for Upcoming School Year (05-20-21)

House Republicans Vote to Create Two-Tiered System for State and Federal Elections (05-19-21)

Legislation to Relieve Tax Burden on Small Businesses Clears House Committee (05-11-2021)

House and Senate Republicans Remove Statehouse Face Covering Policy (05-07-21)

Republicans Use Delay Tactics to Run Out the Clock and Block Votes on 73 Bills (04-09-2021)

House Passes Bill to Protect NH State Parks From Contamination (04-09-2021)

Republicans Pass Multiple Bills to Take Away Local Control (04-09-2021)

Over Inappropriate Republican Obstructionism, House Passes Child Safety Bill (04-09-2021)

House Passes Bill to Support Firefighters (04-09-2021)

House Defeats Republican Bill to Undermine Collective Bargaining Negotiations (04-09-2021)

Republicans Block Effort to Remove Medicaid Work Requirement (04-09-2021)

Republican Budget Fails to Address Anticipated $90 Million Decline in State Education Aid (04-07-2021)

House Democrats React to Passage of Extreme Republican State Budget (04-07-2021)

Republicans Continue Their Assault on Critical Health Care Services (04-07-2021)

Republicans Vote to Keep Language Restricting Free Speech in the House Budget (04-07-2021)

House Passes Bill to Support Local Restaurants and Empower Small Business Owners (04-07-2021)

Bipartisan Bill to Protect Victims of Crime Passes NH House (04-07-2021)

Republicans Pass Legislation Prohibiting Municipalities and College Campuses from Regulating Deadly Weapons (04-07-2021)

Republican Attempt to Block the Legislature from Passing Common Sense Gun Violence Reform Fails (04-07-2021)

Anti-Elderly and Disabled Absentee Ballot Voter Bill Passed by House Republicans (04-08-2021)

Republican Bill to Remove Menstrual Products from School Bathrooms Defeated (04-08-2021)

Republican Attempt to Direct Public Money to Religious Schools Blocked by House (04-08-2021)

Bipartisan Bill to Protect People Reporting Violent Crimes Passes House (04-08-2021)

Republicans Pass Bill Allowing Loaded Firearms on Snowmobiles (04-08-2021)

House Republicans Block Funding Amendment for Public Education (03-25-2021)

House Labor Committee Hears Right-to-Work Legislation (03-24-2021)

House Finance Republicans Add Budget Amendment to End State of Emergency (03-24-2021)

Joint Senate and House Democratic Offices Statement on Supreme Court ConVal Decision (03-23-2021)

House Finance Republicans Add Anti-Abortion Amendment to Budget (03-22-2021)

House Finance Committee Hears Testimony on Governors Budget Proposal (03-16-2021)

House Democrats Stress Need for Transparent Redistricting Process (03-09-2021)

House Election Law Republicans Oppose Expanding Absentee Ballot Access (03-08-2021)

House Republicans Support Restrictions on Free Speech (03-04-2021)

House Democrats File Appeal in Federal Court For Remote Access to Sessions (03-03-2021)

Criminal Justice Committee Republicans Disparage LGBTQ+ People (03-01-2021)

House Democratic Leader Reacts to Republican Majority Bullying During Session (02-25-2021)

House Republicans Vote to Make NH Less Safe for Peaceful Protesters (02-25-2021)

House Republicans Pass Legislation That Would Condone Criminal Violence (02-25-2021)

Republicans Block Affordable Housing Bill Supported by Governor (02-25-2021)

House Republicans Pass Bill to Intrude on Personal medical Decisions (02-24-2021)

House Republicans Block Vulnerable Adult Protecttion Bill (02-24-2021)

Republicans Reject Remote Access to House Sessions Again (02-24-2021)

Republicans Block Bill to Lower Property Taxes and Support First Responders (02-24-2021)

Republicans Disregard Widespread Support for Independent Redistricting Commission (02-24-2021)

House Passes Bipartisan Bill Aimed at Increasing Equity in Criminal Justice System (02-24-2021)

House Democrats Question Governor Cuts to Department of Transportation (02-22-2021)

Democratic Leaders Respond to Governors Budget Address (02-11-2021)

Democrats Back Bipartisan Affordable House Legislation (02-10-2021)

House Minority Leader Letter to Speaker Regarding Remote Access to Sessions (02-09-2021)

Senate and House Democratic Offices Release Statement on Equitable Education Funding (02-09-2021)

House Committee Hears Bills on Paid Sick Time and Minimum Wage (02-04-2021)

House Democrats Oppose Hateful Attack on Transgender Children and Their Families (02-03-2021)

School Voucher Program Would Be A Disaster for NH (02-02-2021)

Democratic Leaders Respond to Federal Court Ruling (02-22-2021)

Flawed School Voucher Legislation Retained in Committee (02-18-2021)

Democratic Leader Announces Full Leadership Team (02-18-2021)

Democratic Leader Commends US Attorney for Taking Action on Threats of Political Violence (02-18-2021)

Lawsuit Requests Accommodation for Disabled House members (02-16-2021)

House Passes Resolution Condemning Violence in Washington DC (01-06-2021)

Republicans Block Path For Remote Sessions (01-06-2021)

Republicans Block Rule to Prohibit Guns in Representatives Hall (01-06-2021)

Republicans Refuse to Ban Alcohol from House Chamber (01-06-2021)

Republicans Block Rules Aimed at Reducing Sexual Harrassment and Bias (01-06-2021)

Democratic Leadership Responds to Anti-Semitic Post (01-07-2021)

Republicans Refuse to Denounce Anti-Semitic and Racist Actions by Legislators (01-06-2021)

Republicans Disregard House Rules to Deny Democrats Proper Representation on Finance Committee (01-06-2021)

Democrats Question Qualification to Serve of Those Who Declared the November Election Results Void (01-06-2021)

Senate and House Democrats Call for Transparency in Final CAREs Act Allocations (12-18-2020)

Republicans Refuse to Hold Legislators Accountable for Hate Speech (12-16-2020)

Republican Vote to Accept Federal Charter School Funds Will Increase Property Taxes and Reduce Funding for Public Schools (12-11-2020)

Supreme Court Rules NH House Can Meet Remotely (11-17-2020)

NH Supreme Court Opinion that NH House Can Meet Remotely (11-17-2020)

Republicans Remove Sexual Harassment Training as First Move in the Majority (12-02-2020)

Unmasked Republicans Put Other House Members at Risk for Covid Exposure