The following press releases were issued by the NH House Minority Office:

NH Democrats Thanks Senator Hassan For Committing to Protect Voting Rights (12-17-2021)

Governor COVID Response is Failing Granite Staters (12-16-2021)

For 4th Time in a Year Republicans Block Virtual Options for Legislative Business (12-14-2021)

House Republicans Support Bill Undermining Local Control (06-04-21)

Democrats Support Legislation Providing Tax Forgiveness to Small Businesses (06-04-21)

Republican Legislation Creates Expensive Confusing Two-Tiered System for State and Federal Elections (06-03-21)

House Republicans Kill Bill to Address School Funding Shortfalls for Upcoming School Year (05-20-21)

Republicans Pass Multiple Bills to Take Away Local Control (04-09-2021)

Republican Budget Fails to Address Anticipated $90 Million Decline in State Education Aid (04-07-2021)

Republicans Block Affordable Housing Bill Supported by Governor (02-25-2021)

Republicans Disregard Widespread Support for Independent Redistricting Commission (02-24-2021)

Lawsuit Requests Accommodation for Disabled House members (02-16-2021)

House Passes Resolution Condemning Violence in Washington DC (01-06-2021)

Republicans Block Path For Remote Sessions (01-06-2021)

Republicans Block Rule to Prohibit Guns in Representatives Hall (01-06-2021)

Republicans Refuse to Ban Alcohol from House Chamber (01-06-2021)

Republicans Block Rules Aimed at Reducing Sexual Harrassment and Bias (01-06-2021)

Republican Vote to Accept Federal Charter School Funds Will Increase Property Taxes and Reduce Funding for Public Schools (12-11-2020)

Supreme Court Rules NH House Can Meet Remotely (11-17-2020)

NH Supreme Court Opinion that NH House Can Meet Remotely (11-17-2020)

Republicans Remove Sexual Harassment Training as First Move in the Majority (12-02-2020)